The Freshwater Consulting Group (FCG)

River and Wetland Consultants

The Freshwater Consulting Group


The Freshwater Consulting Group is a specialist river and wetland consultancy, originally formed as a loose association of freshwater ecological consultants Liz Day, Geordie Ractliffe, Justine Ewart-Smith, Kate Snaddon, Helen Dallas and Dean Ollis.  In 2007, the consultancy was formalised into Freshwater Consulting cc, including all of the above as members of the closed corporation, and trading as The Freshwater Consulting Group / FCG. 


FCG’s members have over the years contributed along with other scientists to the development and/or refinement of a number of scientific methodologies that presently aid in river management (e.g. ecological status assessment, river importance, SASS biomonitoring, Instream Flow Requirements).  Current research projects include development of a water quality index for urban environments, investigating the role of disturbance on invertebrate communities in rivers, characterising ecologically relevant flows for invertebrate assemblages, and the development of national tools for assessing wetland health. 


FCG is closely associated with the Freshwater Research Centre (FRC)