Freshwater Consulting is a specialist river and wetland consultancy.

Over the years, Freshwater Consulting’s members have contributed to the development and/or refinement of many scientific methodologies that presently aid in river management. These include among others, ecological status assessment, river importance, SASS biomonitoring and Instream Flow Requirements.

Current research projects include development of a water quality index for urban environments, investigating the role of disturbance on invertebrate communities in rivers, characterising ecologically relevant flows for invertebrate assemblages, and the development of national tools for assessing wetland health.

Freshwater Consulting is closely associated with the Freshwater Research Centre (FRC).

About Us

The Freshwater Consulting Group is based in the Western Cape, South Africa. We have more than 30 years of experience working in several different countries including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Uganda, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Pakistan, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Our Services

Our Services

Freshwater Consulting’s members have experience in the following areas of aquatic resource management:

  • Ecological input into the design and management of artificial wetland systems
  • Water quality monitoring and management.
  • Production of wetland monitoring and management plans.
  • Wetland and river rehabilitation.
  • River corridor management, impact control and rehabilitation strategies, and catchment management plans, including managing the implementation of Environmental Management Plans during the process of infrastructural development (e.g. dams, roads).
  • Assessments of instream flow requirements for rivers, including workshop design and organisation, specialist input (invertebrate and water quality) and report compilation.
  • Biomonitoring of water quality and river health, including the South African Scoring System (SASS) and Habitat Integrity assessment.
  • Situation assessment and monitoring of rivers and wetlands in urban and natural environments.
  • Impact assessment of urban development on rivers and wetlands.
  • Impact assessments of proposed dams and altered flow regimes.
  • Assessment of the ecological implications of river engineering strategies.
  • General landscape and river/wetland rehabilitation.
  • River/wetland mapping and GIS skills.
  • Database design and management.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Justine Ewart-Smith: 0823738380
Kate Snaddon: 0722327709
Philip Frenzel: 0724197232

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