The Freshwater Consulting Group (FCG)

River and Wetland Consultants

Our Services

FCG’s members have experience in the following areas of aquatic resource management:


  • ecological input into the design and management of artificial wetland systems
  • water quality monitoring and management
  • production of wetland monitoring and management plans
  • wetland and river rehabilitation
  • river corridor management, impact control and rehabilitation strategies, and catchment management plans, including managing the implementation of Environmental Management Plans during the process of infrastructural development (e.g. dams, roads)
  • assessments of instream flow requirements for rivers, including workshop design and organisation, specialist input (invertebrate and water quality) and report compilation
  • biomonitoring of water quality and river health, including the South African Scoring System (SASS) and Habitat Integrity assessment
  • situation assessment and monitoring of rivers and wetlands in urban and natural environments
  • impact assessment of urban development on rivers and wetlands
  • impact assessments of proposed dams and altered flow regimes
  • assessment of the ecological implications of river engineering strategies
  • general landscape and river/wetland rehabilitation
  • river/wetland mapping and GIS skills
  • database design and management